Super fresh tuna, sweet sea scallops, meaty swordfish, delicate and versatile shrimp, shimmering white cod, flaky white haddock, translucent, thin sliced Icelandic sole, Norwegian farm raised salmon and wild Alaskan salmon are just some of the seafood we offer.

Foodie’s is proud to carry the freshest seafood from Boston Sword & Tuna. Their state of the art facility on Boston’s waterfront is fully refrigerated and HACCP certified with 100% ozonated water and ice systems.


We count on Boston Sword & Tuna to provide only the freshest seafood available. Each tray is hand selected, portioned and packed daily by Boston Sword & Tuna’s experienced staff; each item stands out in their consumer-ready tray pack.

Boston Sword & Tuna is a “hands on” company started by people who learned the fish business from the bottom up. They have been offering exceptional quality for 5 generations.

“Our knowledge of fish – and fisherman – is the key to why Boston Sword & Tuna delivers the best quality seafood time after time”.