Recipe of the week

French Green Beans (Haricot Vert) with Herbs and Grilled Baguette Crumbs by Foodie’s Markets Chef Laura Brennan

A simple and delicious side dish for upcoming holiday tables. It combines herby-citrus freshness with crunch and snap. This recipe can be prepped ahead the day before and quickly heated through and finished for serving. The dish’s simple and clean flavors offers a counterpoint to other heavier dishes on the table.

Savory Breakfast Tart by Foodie’s Chef Laura Brennan

I grew up with a steadfast post-Thanksgiving breakfast tradition: ” Pie for Breakfast”!
On Friday morning there were solitary pilgrimages to the side porch to fetch the pie of your dreams, return to the table, pour a cup of coffee and grab a section of the paper – with not much conversation to boot. I’m proposing a new tradition: a savory breakfast tart. It’s a bit more nutritious, equally delicious and a lot more communal.
This is a rustic tart, made with sausage, leeks, root vegetables, cheese and topped with a poached egg, or fried or scrambled for that matter. It’s made with ingredients from your Thanksgiving larder and could be made ahead and frozen. Think fancy egg & sausage sandwiches…similar ingredients, just re-imagined.

Schiacciata (skee-ahh-chaa-tah) with Grapes by Foodie’s Chef Laura Brennan

“Schiacciata”: to squash or crush (Italian)
This is a rustic sweet flatbread made with red grapes, sugar, extra virgin olive oil and often with fresh rosemary or fennel seeds. It’s a seasonal treat in Italy, made in the autumn during the wine grape harvest, using a few simple, on-hand ingredients.

Cheddar Cheese & Hard Cider Fondue by Foodie’s Chef Laura Brennan

Cheese fondue is a happy Swiss classic. Whisking grated cheeses into a simmering cider broth will produce an unctuous sauce for dipping bread, veggies or sausages. Controlling the heat and patiently adding the cheese are critical to success.

Pork Milanese with Roasted Butternut Squash and Fig-Balsamic Glaze By Foodie’s Chef Laura Brennan

“Milanese”: in the style of Milan. It’s the technique of breading and pan-frying (aka sautéeing) a cutlet of thinly sliced veal, chicken or pork. The results are crispy, moist and irresistible.
There are a couple of “chef hacks” that can help you in your quest for excellent results.
First, start with ½ inch (or thinner) cutlets. Lay them flat on your cutting board and cover with a piece of plastic wrap. Using your closed fist, gently pound each piece a bit flatter. Resist the urge to pound them super-flat with a meat bat or rolling pin. While it may be cathartic after a long day, it pounds the juices out of the meat and it’s too thin to get a good solid bite of crispy meat in the finished product.

Caramelized Pears with Sweetened Goat Cheese, Crunchy Almonds and Chocolate Sauce By Foodie’s Chef Laura Brennan


Ok….I get it.


The thought of goat cheese used in a dessert stops you.  But the flavor with the roasted pear is righteous!  And the toasted almonds and chocolate sauce just ‘gild the lily’. 


After all, you do eat cheesecake, don’t you?


Carbonada Criolla by Foodie’s Chef Laura Brennan

Beef & Squash Stew from Argentina

Forgive me for ushering out the summer prematurely, but the sight of squash and pumpkins already in the markets made me think of this dish. Once, long ago, I actually cooked this stew in a pumpkin shell that had been emptied of its mushy clumps of seeds. * (I’ll include directions for this at the end of the recipe.)

In Argentina, the stew was originally cooked in the embers of a big outdoor fire; very romantic!

Potato Pancakes (aka Latkes) by Foodie’s Chef Laura Brennan

I hope you saved some of the fresh applesauce that you made from the previous recipe!
These crispy potato cakes are delicious with applesauce and sour cream or for something a bit more ‘fancy’, try them with smoked salmon and crème fraîche. The deliciousness in a potato pancake lies in its crispiness—make sure your pan is heated, that the oil is heated (but not smoking) and that there is enough oil for the pancakes to move freely in the pan. Control of these factors, which takes some practice, yields crispy latkes. I hope you find satisfaction in improving your culinary techniques; as that “Ah ha” moment when you suddenly have both clarity and results is a huge part of the joy of cooking.

Tart & Savory Applesauce

This is an ‘adult applesauce’; that is, it is unsweetened and seasoned with ‘woody herbs’ and lemon. ‘Woody herbs’ are those herbs with thicker, stronger stems and hence stronger flavors. Rosemary, sage and thyme are examples. They have a ‘meatier’ flavor than the sweet herbs, (basil, mint, parsley) and hence, are well suited to roasted meats and poultry.
In this recipe, we will make an applesauce infused with fresh sage, thyme, lemon peel and finished with herb-infused browned butter. It would accompany roast pork loin or tenderloin very nicely, or be delicious with a pile of crispy potato latkes (pancakes). (Recipe coming next week)

Applesauce is traditionally made with McIntosh apples. I find them to be very wet; they make a very loose sauce. I have used a mix of Cortland and Granny Smith apples for a firmer texture and a flavor that is a bit tart. Also, I found really B-I-G apples. They were about 8 ounces (1/2 pound) each -
I peeled only 8 apples total!

Grilled Portobella Pan Pizza by Foodie’s Chef Laura Brennan

This is a fairly ‘light’ pizza in that is not over-burdened with ingredients. And it is also a ‘white’ pizza as the base of the pizza is a béchamel sauce; not a tomato-based sauce. I used a store-bought pizza dough (20 ounces), but feel free to use your own homemade dough!
The prep for this recipe can easily be divided over a couple of days.