Recipe of the week

Grilled Mexican Street Corn by Foodie’s Chef Laura Brennan

Truth-be-told I have neither seen nor eaten Mexican Street Corn in Mexico; only at a carnival

in Rhode Island! But, it’s an easy and fun dish to serve at your own backyard carnival.

Pulling the husks up and over the peeled ears of corn and tying them ‘ponytail-style’ gives

you a convenient ‘hand-holder’. Plus, it looks very cool.

Tzatziki (Greek) Potato Salad by Foodie’s Chef Laura Brennan

This is a potato salad that is tangy and bright with yogurt and fresh herbs. The dressing is made with a grated

English/ seedless cucumber mixed with the yogurt, herbs, scallions and a touch of garlic. I have borrowed

a Julia Child ‘hack’ and mixed the apple cider vinegar with a bit of the potato cooking water and sprinkled

this over the cooked, cooling potatoes. The potatoes absorb a bit of their starch along with the diluted vinegar

as they cool. And yes, there is a bit of mayonnaise, just enough to add a touch of richness. But, feel free

to replace the mayo with sour cream, it will just be ‘tangier’.

Black Bean, Mango Lime Salad by Foodie’s Chef Laura Brennan

Our store manager told me the salad wasn’t pretty but was delicious!!  And I had to agree with him!

Instead of adding a shiny oil-based vinaigrette to finish the salad I opted for a chipotle ranch dressing (Drew’s Organics, Chipotle Ranch, 12-ounce, Dressing & Quick Marinade).  The dressing did coat the beans and altered the black bean ‘shine’ but the finished dish had a richer and more complex flavor.

The salad comes together fairly quickly, many of the ingredients are already prepared. Use your favorite brand of cooked black beans, try the prepared chipotle ranch dressing (Cindy’s makes a version also) and you can even buy already-cut mango pieces. (Or watch a YouTube video to learn how to peel and cut a mango if you haven’t done it.)  Mangoes are fairly cheap right now, about a-buck-apiece.  One mango will yield about 8 ounces of peeled fruit and/or 1 ¼ cup diced fruit.

Grilled Cabbage Wedges with Tahini-Yogurt Sauce by Foodie’s Chef Laura Brennan

I have been seeing recipes for grilled cabbage popping up on my favorite internet food sites and the results look delicious.  So, I decided to jump right on in.  I ‘grilled’ my cabbage on my stove-top using a large square ridged pan, which by-the-way nicely holds 3 grilled cheese sandwiches.  The cabbage wedges can be grilled outdoors on a more traditional gas or wood grill of course.  This cooking process will be quicker and your cabbage will probably become more blackened as a result.  All that extra char will only add extra deliciousness.</