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Corned Beef Hash with Taste & Texture-Enhancing ‘Hacks’ by Foodie’s Chef Laura Brennan

What to do with those corned beef dinner leftovers? Make hash, of course.
My mother always put aside some of the corned beef dinner fixings’ just for this purpose, and she would crank it through the meat grinder, that cast-aluminum model that got clamped to the table.
Truth be told, this was my job…the vegetables and meat would squish out through the small holes of the attached die-piece.
As much fun as this process was, it did render ALL the ingredients to a bit of a wet-homogenous pile.
As I thought about my mother’s technique, I realized that some chef-style improvements could be brought to bear on the process:
1.) Draining the meat and cabbage on paper towels overnight in the fridge would remove excess moisture and yield a firmer finished product.
2.) Cooking a new batch of carrots and potatoes would add flavor & texture. (The potatoes & carrots that cooked together with the corned beef have given up both their texture and flavor to the cooking broth.)
3.) Adding prepared sauerkraut to the hash adds piquancy and texture to the finished dish, and it’s not detectable as a strong sauerkraut flavor; it gives nuance and crunch to the dish. (I continue to experiment with our new line of Cleveland Kraut. Choose your favorite flavor.)

Tacos al Beef Barbacoa by Chef Laura Brennan


Lately I’ve been spotting random recipes for “Beef Barbacoa” and wondered if it was a Mexican barbecue technique…and it is…kind of.


“Barbacoa” may be the precursor to the word “Barbecue”; they sound similar, right?   But all the “Barbacoa” recipes I’ve read have instructed the cook to both grill and continue cooking in some liquid; which is braising. Grilling the meat and onions before braising adds another layer of flavor, so I have combined both grilling and low-and-slow in-the-oven braising techniques in this recipe to create a tender, highly flavored ‘pull-apart’ meat, ready to stuff into taco shells (or burrito wraps).



“FRENCH ONION SOUP” Inspired PIZZA By Foodie’s Chef Laura Brennan

This recipe sprang from a desire to eat a glorious, steaming bowl of French Onion Soup with grilled crusty bread and gooey Swiss cheese.
But I was more than reluctant to invest the hours it would take to make an excellent beef broth; and anything less than an excellent broth would not be satisfying. Hence, this is how the ingredients of a classic French Onion Soup ‘shape-shifted’ their way into a pizza topping.

Carbonada Criolla by Foodie’s Chef Laura Brennan

Beef & Squash Stew from Argentina

Forgive me for ushering out the summer prematurely, but the sight of squash and pumpkins already in the markets made me think of this dish. Once, long ago, I actually cooked this stew in a pumpkin shell that had been emptied of its mushy clumps of seeds. * (I’ll include directions for this at the end of the recipe.)

In Argentina, the stew was originally cooked in the embers of a big outdoor fire; very romantic!


SWEET (palm/brown sugar),
SOUR (lime juice),
UMAMI (fish sauce/Nuoc Mam Nhi)
SPICY (chilies/sambal oelek).

This is a quickly assembled dish made with grilled skirt steak that has a white pepper and brown sugar rub, a tangy dressing bursting with umami flavors and some crunchy vegetables. It could be served wrapped in lettuce leaves or with clear cellophane noodles. It’s a satisfying al fresco salad on an August eve.