Self-Serve hot Bar & Salad Bar

Our self-serve hot bar is back!

Entrées change daily – Comfort foods and favorites like Macaroni & Cheese, Rice of the Day, Vegetable of the Day, and Chicken Wings are always available.

Our self-serve salad bars are back!

Serve yourself from an assortment of fresh greens, lettuce, daily pasta salad and all the additional toppings you’ve always loved.

Our prepared foods departments offer restaurant-quality side dishes and delectable entrées made fresh daily by our professional chefs. Our menu of hot and cold entrées and side dishes rotates daily, so you can always find something new. Most of Foodie’s prepared foods are all made fresh in our own kitchens (we feature locally made Middle Eastern foods – spinach pies, grape leaves). Our chefs cook up comfort food, ethnic dishes, and healthy vegetarian sides like kale salad. Ready-made and convenient for take out lunch or dinner.

Soup and Salads

We have salad combos packaged and ready to grab-and-go! Delicious fresh lettuce pairings with a choice of grilled chicken, salmon, steak tips, goat cheese and cranberries complete with salad dressing. Our salad combos easily feed two!

Our classic deli salads (potato, tuna, chicken, macaroni, coleslaw and many more) are prepared fresh in-store (not scooped from a bulk container).

We serve up hot soup to go with a selection that changes daily. Hot oatmeal is available  in the mornings.