Our Mission

We are proud to offer local, high-quality products, competitive prices, and a positive and productive shopping experience. Why buy local? Local foods taste and look better, are better for you, support local families (your neighbors) and communities, and help the environment. Foodie’s values our New England heritage. Here are some of the secret ingredients to our success.

Who we are

Each store is a local fixture in its own neighborhood, a return to that valued sense of community where we can walk to a local market and meet up with friends and neighbors while shopping. We want to be a unifying force that brings people together while also offering exceptional quality and variety.V. Leon, owner

We know most of our customers as they are repeat visitors to our store. And they know us, as many of us have been with Foodie’s full-time for many years. And we enjoy hiring local people from each store’s community.

We found it a nice surprise when her daughter also joined the Foodie’s group. They both enjoy the time together and we appreciate their contributions. Cathy has worked with Foodie’s for six years as a front-end manager and shares her experience above.

We support small regional vendors, locally made products, and locally grown produce. Each Foodie’s store cuts and processes most of the meats that we sell right in each store. And each store makes most of its own prepared foods in its own kitchen.

At Foodie’s, you’ll find product selection surpasses even the biggest supermarkets. Our produce is superior in quality as it comes from local vendors; cheese department makes even the connoisseur happy; and the wine and beer department has a far better selection than is usually found in any market.

We do our best to save you money by offering competitive prices wherever possible. We have weekly specials in each department in each store. Plus, we offer other sale items every other week in all departments printed in our Foodie’s sales flyer.

Why shop at Foodie’s

Our stores are not typical supermarkets with directives from “corporate” about how to run the business. Each of our stores has a lot of latitude in deciding how to best operate that store to meet the needs of its local community.

We are family owned and active community members. We feel a strong sense of community and take pride in giving back. We love to interact with customers daily and learn of new ways to get involved.



  • Top-quality customer service offers the personal interactions of a local, neighborhood market.
  • Competitive prices are an attainable goal.
  • Our product is delivered daily and is always fresh.
  • Exotic and hard-to-find specialty products on our shelves are located along with basic family favorites.