Foodie’s carries only Certified Angus® USDA prime and choice cuts of meat, including beef that is all-natural and grass-fed with no antibiotics or hormones. Taste the difference with Organic Smart Chicken® and Bell & Evans ® All Natural chickens.

Featured Meats

Smart Chicken® from Tecumseh Farms in the midwest air chills their chickens to reduce food born illness. Certified humane raised and handled Smart Chickens are raised in a free range environment by family farmers without the use of antibiotics, hormones or animal by-products. The combination of environmental stewardship, humane treatment, and a safe product that has superior flavor makes Smart Chicken the premium value.

Bell & Evans® from Pennsylvania.“The excellent chicken” is air chilled, no antibiotics, humanely treated.

We also carry a selection of pork, beef and chicken from other sources.

We are proud to feature locally-sourced meats and poultry from New England.

  • Pineland Farms Natural Meats® of Maine are dedicated to producing the finest cuts of
    all natural beef for every taste and every occasion. No hormones, no steroids, no antibiotics, humanely treated.
  • The Maine Family Farms Meat Co.® A cooperative group of farms in Maine including
    grass-fed beef, no antibiotics, no steroids, no hormones, humanely treated.
  • Dom’s® local Malden based, home of Boston’s original marinated steak tips,
    perfectly marinated and ready for the grill, steak tips, sausages, ground beef and more!