Cooking Method: Grilling

Southwestern Grilled Cheese Sandwiches by Foodie’s Chef Laura Brennan


When it’s too hot to turn on the oven or the stove, here’s a quick and savory melted cheese sandwich that can be done outside on a grill in a pre-heated cast iron pan. 


Use a delicious, firm cheddar cheese and the kernels, shaved from two (2) pre-cooked ears of corn.  Choose a ‘sturdy’ bread, thick-sliced if possible, but at least ½-inch.  Grate the cheese on the largest holes of a box-grater and mix with a ‘binder’…I used chipotle ranch dressing, but any creamy dressing would work, as would mayonnaise or a combo of dressing & mayo.

Additionally, thin slices of tomato and/or cooked bacon would be yummy additions.


‘A Tuna Salad’ by Foodie’s Chef Laura Brennan

There’s tuna fish salad and there’s ‘Tuna Salad’. This is a ‘Tuna Salad’.
It’s a riff on the famous French ‘Salade Niçoise’ but with a Spanish flair. I use sherry vinegar in the
vinaigrette, green olives instead of black ‘Niçoise’ olives and slivered sugar snap peas in lieu of haricot
verts (baby green beans). This is about using ingredients that appeal to you and naturally work well
together. I made this grilled fresh tuna salad without the customary bed of lettuce; it seems like more
of a proper summer entrée this way!

CHEF SILVIO’S Grilled Teriyaki-Citrus Chicken Thighs


When our sister store in Duxbury closed last fall, we inherited Silvio, a fantastic, experienced and hard-working chef.  Among other tasks, he is daily charged with filling our ‘hot case’ with tasty ready-to-eat treats.  This is one of his dishes.   


It’s easy cooking:  combining grilling with a quickly-made flavorful marinade/sauce and finishing the dish in the oven.


It’s batch-cooking, great for Memorial Day entertaining.



Tacos al Beef Barbacoa by Chef Laura Brennan


Lately I’ve been spotting random recipes for “Beef Barbacoa” and wondered if it was a Mexican barbecue technique…and it is…kind of.


“Barbacoa” may be the precursor to the word “Barbecue”; they sound similar, right?   But all the “Barbacoa” recipes I’ve read have instructed the cook to both grill and continue cooking in some liquid; which is braising. Grilling the meat and onions before braising adds another layer of flavor, so I have combined both grilling and low-and-slow in-the-oven braising techniques in this recipe to create a tender, highly flavored ‘pull-apart’ meat, ready to stuff into taco shells (or burrito wraps).



Grilled Pineapple with Star Anise-Ginger-Jalapeno Syrup by Foodie’s Chef Laura Brennan

The dessert-du-jour in a Benihana restaurant in the early 70’s was vanilla ice cream with slivered crystallized ginger. (The crystallized ginger may well be an imaginary embellishment.)
I liked that there was no dessert choice; I thought that was very modern. And I thought that a simple dish of ice cream was a quiet and elegant finish to a cleaver-tossing dinner performance.
The whole experience was very fancy and exotic to my young self.

This is a quick-to-make dessert with sweet-spicy flavors. I have offered it here with purchased vanilla ice cream but making your own saffron ice cream would be spectacular! (To make: infuse vanilla ice cream base/crème anglaise custard with several threads of saffron while still warm. Strain, chill and churn according to your ice cream maker’s instructions.)


SWEET (palm/brown sugar),
SOUR (lime juice),
UMAMI (fish sauce/Nuoc Mam Nhi)
SPICY (chilies/sambal oelek).

This is a quickly assembled dish made with grilled skirt steak that has a white pepper and brown sugar rub, a tangy dressing bursting with umami flavors and some crunchy vegetables. It could be served wrapped in lettuce leaves or with clear cellophane noodles. It’s a satisfying al fresco salad on an August eve.

Crusty Prosciutto, Lettuce & Cantaloupe Sandwich with Pickled Grapes by Foodie’s Markets Chef Laura Brennan

This summer sandwich was inspired by memories of the BLT sandwiches we would have for supper on a hot summer night.

When it was too hot to cook and equally too hot to eat inside, we would prepare stacks of ingredients for traditional BLT sandwiches for al fresco dining; hoping for a breeze. They were always accompanied by an extra-large sweating pitcher of iced tea (no sugar!) and stolen sips of a parent’s frosty beer!