Freshness. Quality. Let us cater your next event. Foodie’s caters both hot and cold entrées and appetizers, sandwich platters, cheese platters, fruit and vegetable platters. Our prepared foods depts. will custom make platters. We take the time to listen and offer our expertise, call the Deli Manager at the store nearest you.

Foodie’s Markets Catering Platters

(Ham, Salami, Turkey, Cheeses: Swiss, Provolone,American)
Small (8 -10 people ) – $39.99
Large (15 – 20 people) – $69.99
(5 types of cheese – customer choice includes crackers and grapes)
Small (15 – 25 people) – $39.99
Large (25 – 40 people) – $69.99
(custom cheeses from the cheese dept, and berries are available for an extra charge)
(Sandwiches cut in half, Roll-ups cut in thirds or quarters – customer choice)
Small (8 – 10 people) $49.99
Large (18 – 20 people) $79.99
(customer choice)
Small (10 -12 people – 15 pieces) $49.99
Large (15 – 20 people 30 pieces) $79.99
(watermelon, pineapple, cantaloupe, honeydew, red grapes)
Small (8 – 12 people) $39.99
Large (18 – 25 people) $69.99
(fresh berries added for an additional $10.00)
(6 fresh julienned vegetables – seasonal customer choice and tangy dip)
Small (8 – 12 people) $29.99
Large (18 – 25 people) $49.99

“From a happy Belmont Customer:

I wanted to just take a minute and thank-you for the service on Sunday morning. You and your team did a great job in all the preparation, right up to and including helping me with the cart to my truck.

The food was great, really fantastic ! Foodie’s Market received a lot of compliments on the salad & dressing, the vegetables and potatoes, and the quiches too ! Please be sure to extend our compliments to the chef.

Bob, I hope that you and your team in Belmont continue to grow your business and wrap up a successful first year. I can tell you that after our Christmas Party, the word is out, Foodie’s Market in Belmont is a great stop for high quality combined with high service.

All the Best, and Merry Christmas to you and your team.

We custom make platters, call the store nearest to you

South End

Prepared Foods Manager Evandro DaSilva

(617) 266-9911 x4

South Boston

Chef Laura Brennan

(617) 269-4700 x4


(781) 934-5544 x4

*We only use high quality Boar’s Head® cold cuts and cheeses.