Cheese and Specialty Products

Rivaling the finest specialty cheese shops Foodie’s cheese departments offer a selection of unique imported, domestic, and local cheeses. Put together an eclectic array on your cheese board with goat’s milk logs, goat brie, aged hard cheeses like cheddar and Gruyere Swiss, imported Reggiano Parmigiano, cow’s milk, soft-ripened Camembert and Brie, Spanish sheep’s milk, and imported buffalo mozzarella.

Our specialty products include an international olive collection, antipasto favorites, gourmet crackers and crisps, spreads, patés, salami, chorizo, smoked fish and fresh pasta.

Domestic and local cheeses

  • Chamon Spreads, Maine
  • Grafton Village, Vermont
  • Great hill Blue, Massachusetts
  • Maplebrook Farm, Vermont
  • Maytag Blue, Iowa
  • McCadam, New York
  • Montchevre, Wisconsin
  • Nettle’s Meadows, New York
  • Old Chatham, New York
  • Prairie Breeze, Iowa
  • Westfield Farms, Massachusetts
  • Woolwich, Wisconsin
  • Vermont Creamery, Vermont